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Energy Made Simple

Earn Money by Providing Grid Stabillity

Envex Energy enables your company to generate additional income while contributing to a more green grid. If your company has an electricity-consuming unit, you can achieve financial benefits by offering flexible electricity consumption. While your company becomes an active contributor to the green transition.

Solar Operations


Harnessing Flexibility for Energy Savings


At Envex Energy, we unlock cost savings by embracing flexible energy solutions. We leverage flexibility and ancillary service markets to optimize energy usage and maximize efficiency. Our experts work with clients to identify and capitalize on the potential of their energy infrastructure, enabling dynamic adjustments that minimize costs and enhance financial performance. With our tailored strategies and advanced technologies, we help clients seize favorable market conditions and unlock the full potential of flexible energy resources.

Envex Energy Offers

CO2 reduction

Reduce your CO2 emissions by utillising energy, when produced by green energy sources.

Earn Money by Providing Grid Stabillity 

Yes, you read that correct. You can earn money by providing flexible energy to the grid.  

Contribute to the

Green Transition 

You can contribute to the green transition, by making the grid less reliable on natural gas and coal. 

Our Solution


Install Trendlog Collect Box

Through our partnership with Trendlog IO, installing a Trendlog Collect Box becomes a seamless process. This device allows you to effortlessly monitor various aspects such as energy consumption, temperatures, or flows based on your specific requirements.


Optimisation and Aggregation

By utilizing the data collected from Trendlog IO, your consumption patterns will be optimized to minimize energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions. Additionally, the collected data will be aggregated to enable bidding in balancing markets, creating an opportunity to earn revenue by providing grid stability.


Earn Money and Reduce CO2 emissions by Flexible Solution

Discover the game-changing solution that empowers your business to earn money while actively reducing CO2 emissions. 


  • How can i save money by providing flexibillity?
    Industrial companies have the ability to shift part of their electricity consumption from expensive to inexpensive hours. This flexibility allows the company to take advantage of lower energy prices during market surpluses.
  • How can i reduce my CO2 emissions by providing flexibility?
    There is often a strong correlation between low energy prices in the market and reduced CO2 emissions in the grid. By shifting electricity consumption from expensive to less expensive hours, companies can not only benefit from cost savings but also contribute to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • How do I get started with earning money and reducing my CO2 emissions?
    You can contact us today, and we can discuess your possibilities for earning money and reducing CO2 emissions by providing flexibility.


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